This is a plugin for Trac 0.10 that adds support for the Git version control system. We use it here at nanosleep.org. It's our branch of the work done by Herbert Valerio Riedel over at trac-hacks.org (see their project page), with some speedup hacks and bug fixes.

Note that our branch is based on the upstream branch for Trac 0.10. It currently does not work with Trac 0.11. Trac 1.0 has git support out of the box, so you should probably be using that instead.


You can check the code out from the version control system - we use Git - with the following command:

git clone http://nanosleep.org/git/trac-git-plugin

The plugin needs the path /var/cache/trac-git/ to exist and be both readable and writable for the web user. This path is currently hard-coded.


The current maintainer is Hans Petter Jansson <hpj@copyleft.no>. You can mail him any questions or comments you may have.