The Tentacles console client is, as the name suggests, a console-based client to the Tentacles network. It currently features a non-interactive daemon mode.


We haven't yet made a stable release, but you can check the code out from the version control system - we use Git - with the following command:

git clone http://nanosleep.org/git/tentacles-console

The code currently does not build, and it is not much use to anyone until it gets a complete overhaul to conform to the introduction of the GObject framework and other major changes in Flux' and the Tentacles Library's APIs.


We welcome ideas, bug reports, code and other contributions.

If you want to file bugs or edit the wiki, please register yourself first. Access will be granted immediately.


The main developer and current maintainer is Hans Petter Jansson <hpj@copyleft.no>. You can mail him any questions or comments you may have.